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Refer a Friend

Receive a Bonus!

Does your company have a driver referral bonus? Do you ever wish you could refer drivers to other trucking companies other than just the one you drive for? Now you can! CDL Recruitments will pay you $300.00 for every driver you send us who gets hired with one of our partner carriers. Refer anyone, any time and know your chances of getting paid are better than ever.

The program is quite simple! Fill out this form. Then sit back and let CDL Recruitments take care of the rest. We have access to hundreds of open positions. We will take your friend to a carrier that is the best fit for them! And you can rest easy knowing your friend will receive the same support you received when we helped you.

Refer Now

    A friend or family member looking for a better driving job, an upset or disappointed driver you bump into at a truck stop, fellow drivers at your company who are unhappy, or a driver who feels his or her recruiter is not being honest.

    You get the first half of the bonus after the first load is completed and the second half after 30 days.

    Venmo – PayPal – Zelle. You choose the method, we’ll make the payment!

    Unlimited. Earn as much as you can!!!